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Riello: 3012956 FIDA Ignition Transformer


Riello: 3012956 FIDA Ignition Transformer


Riello: 3012956 FIDA Ignition Transformer

Compact 8/20 PM. 120V 1,6A 60Hz.

Compatible Models:

-Gas: RS28M HW, RS38M HW, RS50M HW, RS70M HW, RS100HW, RS130M HW, RS190M HW, RS28E, RS50E, RS70E, RS100E, RS130E, RS190E, RS250E, RS300E, RS400E, RS500E, RS650E, RS800E, RS300EV. RS400EV, RS500EV, RS650EV, RS800EV.

-Dual Fuel: RLS28M HW, RLS38M HW, RLS50M HW, RLS70M HW, RLS100HW, RLS130M HW, RLS190M HW, RLS70E, RLS100E, RLS130E, RLS190E, RLS300E, RLS400E, RLS500E, RLS650E, RLS800E, RLS300EV, RLS400EV, RLS500EV, RLS650EV, RLS800EV.

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