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Heat-Timer MODEL EPU -D (Contains logic for EPU & EPU-CH)  P/N 926840-00

RM Cotton

Heat-Timer MODEL EPU -D (Contains logic for EPU & EPU-CH) P/N 926840-00


Heat-Timer  P/N 926840-00

The EPU-D is a steam cycling control designed specifically for light commercial building applications with a single steam boiler or steam valve. The EPU-D effectively regulates the boiler runtime based on the outdoor temperature. As the outdoor temperature falls, the EPU-D will run the boiler for a longer period allowing more heat into the building. This cycling concept maintains the ambient building temperature constant and comfortable. The EPU-D is equipped with an outdoor sensor and a heating system sensor. The heating system sensor signals to the panel that Steam has circulated throughout the building and begins the heating cycle. The heating system sensor will also determine if there is residual heat within the building and prevent a new heating cycle from starting, thus preventing overheating of the building and maximum energy savings




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